Welcome to the Stockholm archipelago

There are four islands of Fjäderholmarna – Stora Fjäderholmen, Ängsholmen, Libertas and Rövarns holme. The name Fjäderholmarna comes from the two Swedish words fjärd which means narrow coastal inlet and the word holm which means little islands, i.e. Fjäderholmarna means ”the little islands in the coastal inlet”.

On a map from 1699 there is a restaurant called ”Fjäderholms krog” on Stora Fjäderholmen. The restaurant was the last of the long line of restaurants along the waterways towards Stockholm. This however is not the same as the one lying on the island now.

In the year 1982 the care for the islands were taken over by the Kungliga Djurgårdsförvaltningen (Royal Djurgården Trust) and after a comprehensive refurbishment, Stora Fjäderholmen could open with restaurants, cafés, craftsmen, museums, guest harbours, theaters etc. Fjäderholmarnas krog was open for business in 1985. The islands are now part of the national state parks.

Other than the restaurant and it's dinner venue Magasinet, the island is full of things to see and do. Take a swim along one of our beautiful cobs or sunbathe on a cliff, then take a stroll around the island, visit the craftsmen or old boat museum on your way and maybe see a theatre play before you come to the restaurant for a dinner and a glass of wine.

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Welcome to the archipelago!