Archipelago ferry from Stockholm
The easiest way to get to the island when you don’t have your own boat is by ferry. Both Strömma and Fjäderholmslinjen docks at harbour on the North side of the island and from there it’s a two minute walk to the restaurant and less than five to the Magasin.
The boat only takes about 30 minutes from Stockholm City and about five minutes from Nacka Strand (next to restaurant J).

Opening Hours i September
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays with one boat out at 18:30 wirh Strömma from Nybrokajen and home are two boats at . 21:30 or 22:30.
NOTE! No boats with Fjäderholmslinjen from Slussen in September

Fjäderholmslinjen from Slussen. April 30th to September 4th. Every day. (25 minutes)
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Strömma - from Nybroviken
Strandvägen/Nybrokajen between nr 12 and 13, just opposite Svenskt Tenn.

During our open days in the autumn, the boat leaves from Nybroviken at 6 pm and back from Fjäderholmarna at 9.30 pm and 10.30 pm.
Own boat
If you get here by your own boat there are guest parking in the restaurant bay and in the inlet between the islands Stora Fjäderholmen and Ängsholmen. Remember to moor the boat properly and always to a buoy.

Charter and boat taxis
There is a wide variety of boat taxis and boats to charter in the Stockholm archipelago, here are a selection of them.

Skärgårdsrib: +46 70-575 33 55

Gustafs båt taxi & Charter: +46 (0)70-142 21 75

Strömma: +46 (0)8-12 00 40 42

Rederi AB Stockholms Ström (same company that has Fjäderholmslinjen)

Skärgårdscharter: +46 (0)8-667 13 16

Sjötaxi Sthlm - MS Josephine: +46 (0)8-661 88 80 (ouside hotel Diplomat)

Nybrovikenrib & event 08-655 00 85

Lottas båttaxi: +46 (0)70-761 84 89 eller +46 (0)70-714 46 32

Stockholm water taxi: +46 (0)73-20 39 000

Ängsholmen rederi: +46 (0)8-26 31 25

Nybroviken Sjötaxi: +46 (0)8 – 655 00 85