Baltic herring with whitefish roe, Garlic & almond Baltic herring, Baltic herring with herbs, Pirates’ herring, Pickled herring, Wasabi & ginger herring, Lingonberry & black pepper herring, Matjes herring Kir Royale, Mustard herring, Cognac & green pepper herring, Lemon herring, Curry herring, Mackmyra whisky herring, Tandoori herring, Herring salad, Matjes herring with accompaniments, Tomato & tarragon herring, Lemon-cured salmon, Beetroot-cured salmon, Orange-cured salmon, Hot-smoked salmon, Cold-smoked salmon, Gravlax terrine, Poached salmon with fennel, Salmon tartare, Pike pâté (L) with crayfish, Västerbotten cheese tart with whitefish roe, Smoked herring gratin, Sea-buckthorn-cured saithe, Lightly-baked char with cumin, Halved eggs with whitefish roe, Halved eggs with prawn mayonnaise.

With smoked bacon, green pea purée, allspice, béchamel sauce & potatoes

Christmas ham, RuIlsylta (rolled and stuffed pork) with pistachios, Veal brawn, Pig’s trotters brawn, Pressed brawn of young cockerel with truffles, Orange-fried duck breast, Spice-fried lamb entrecôte, Pork fillet with plums & roasted onion, Cured venison joint, Black pudding with tongue, Pressed brawn sausage, Pepper sausage, Calf’s liver sausage with truffle, Ham sausage with Italian spices, Cheese sausage, Herb sausage, Beef sausage with cheese, Smoked wild boar sausage, Lamb salami, Venison salami, Bear sausage with pine kernels & trumpet chanterelles Mackmyra whisky mustard, Honey mustard, Slotts Swedish mustard, Skåne mustard, Horseradish smetana, Cumberland sauce, Apple sauce, Pickles, Pickled gherkin, Beetroot, Beetroot salad, Lingonberry preserve.

Terrine of salt-baked celery, Terrine of Oumph! & curry, Terrine of potato, Jerusalem artichoke & mustard, Cauliflower terrine, Terrine of Jerusalem artichoke & tomato, Terrine of grilled pepper & sweetcorn, Tofu terrine, Roasted vegetables, Potato salad with mustard crème, Tomato salad with honey vinaigrette, Carrot mustard, Mango ketchup, Tamarind & apricot sauce, Miso & chilli sauce, Onion marmalade, BBQ sauce, Hummus of green peas, Quorn casserole with chilli & chocolate, Vegan balls.

Ribs, Meatballs, Chipolata sausages, Red cabbage, Browned cabbage, Kale with smoked bacon, Jansson’s temptation, Mushroom omelette, Prawn omelette, Dopp i grytan (Dip-in-the-pot), Black pudding with apple & onion, Swedish potato dumplings with pork & allspice, Christmas sausage with root vegetables, Fillet of venison with chanterelles, lingonberries & almond potatoes.

From Sanda Gårdsmejeri, with carrot marmalade and homemade crispbread

Chocolate mousse with brownie & cherries, Rosehip soup with vanilla ice cream & almonds, Sea buckthorn panna cotta with cloudberry jam, Ris à la Malta with orange, Apricot crème with vanilla & seed crumble, Chocolate balls, Salmiak almonds, Lemon meringue pie, Toffee, Ice chocolate, Smörkola (caramels), Polkagris (peppermint rock), Marzipan with peppermint sprinkles, Saffron truffles, Cardamom almonds, Raspberry jam, Chocolate slab with sea buckthorn, Chocolate slab with crushed nuts, Pepparkakor (Swedish gingerbread biscuits), Red apples, Clementines, Dried figs, Dates, Nuts, Carrot cake