Signed Gastronomi Professor Gert Klötzke

As usual we will offer you a generous Christmas buffet with Gert Klötzke in the lead. The Christmas food will be served at buffets, but some dishes such as the classic Lutfisk will be served on a plate at the dinner table. Follow this link to see a selection of what will be served. 

Our green Christmas table

It was 11 years ago, as gastronomy professor Gert decided that the Christmas table should consist of classic flavors in the form of small dishes. That idea consists but is constantly evolving.

Organic charcuterie

Important to us is that we only have organic carcasses on our Christmas table. Gert's old colleague has a special method of making our organic carcasses.

Please read more about this, (The page is only in German).

Welcome all vegans

Since 2016, we have developed dishes tailored to you who are vegan. There are both cold and hot dishes and of course sauces that goes with it.


A sample of dishes from the green table

Terrine of yellow & red lentils, Terrine of salted celery, Terrine of Grilled Vegetables, Terrine of Oumph & Curry, Terrine of Potatoes, Jardin and Mustard, Cauliflower Stew, Terrine of Gingerbread & Tomato, Terrine of Grilled Peppers & Corn, Terrine of Tofu, Roasted roots, Potato salad with mustard cream, Tomato salad with honey vinegar, Frissesallad with pear and walnuts, Carrot soup, Mangoketchup, Tamarind and apricot sauce, Miso & Chilli sauce, Onion marmalade, BBQ sauce, Hummus on green peas, Quorry pie with chili and chocolate, Vegan buns.