Fjäderholmarna’s Brewery and Brew Pub

In 2014 Pelle and Andreas opened up Fjäderholmarna’s Brewery out on the island of Stora Fjäderholmen.

The idea was to set up a microbrewery with an integrated pub, a so-called brew pub, to give guests the chance to try the beer straight from the barrels! This is quite an unusual concept in Sweden and provides visitors with a different and unique experience. It is also interesting to tap into the island’s long history of alcohol production since the famous Brännvinskriget (Vodka War) during the 1870s and 1880s.

The aim is to offer guests genuine, handmade quality beer for a true flavour experience. They do not just want to attract the general public though. Companies and organisations interested in beer tastings and learning about how the beer is produced are also welcome!

At the Brew Pub, new varieties of beer can be tested on the guests with the chance of getting some direct feedback! During the first year, between four to five varieties of beer will be produced, with a focus on “top-fermented” beer, i.e. ale.

Moreover, the guys will also be experimenting with all kinds of obscure spices and traditional Swedish ingredients.

At first the beer will be exclusively served on the island, creating yet another reason to visit this beautiful place. So why not try a beer or two before your next dinner at Fjäderholmarnas Krog?